It has a workspace on the table, a calm, bright setting for reading books, the press, journals and current affairs magazines. It is also a rotating platform through its multiple artistic, cultural and recreational activities:

  • Teacher-student meeting

It is an activity that brings together students and teachers from different establishments in order to discuss academic or educational themes outside the walls of the establishment. They are held once a term, with an average of around 100 students.

  • Discovery of a book :

Discovery of a book as its name suggests, is an intellectual activity, which stimulates in the youngest, the ability to explore and analyze the scope of a book. It predisposes the young person to respect the book when handling it, to understand the orientation of the writing, to distinguish between text and image and to compare the different works and their function. The goal is to bring them more in terms of document management. It takes place twice a month.

  • Literary tea :

A traditional Saturday meeting, literary tea is an exchange of ideas, on books read and on current affairs. It is an activity that allows the user to strengthen expression, public speaking and a taste for reading. It brings together an average of 20 to 30 people.

  • Library challenge

Activity for adolescents, as its name suggests, consists of placing on a large table many books dealing with three different themes, the winner is the one who brings together in a limited time the most books dealing with the same theme. It takes place every working day (Tuesday-Saturday) for 20 minutes. On average 50 young people are waiting.

  • Citizen talks

Interactive and participatory process, citizen talks allow after a performance by a « speaker » around a chosen theme, to exchange information and knowledge, to nourish debates, to change behavior and to fight against prejudices

  • Scrabble workshop

Every Wednesday afternoon and Saturday morning, a scrabble session is organized in the library, either for beginners or for those who know how to play. The competitions are also organized during permanent activities such as the youth festival, the international day of the Francophonie, the day of the African child.

  • Cinematographic projections

The film screenings scheduled every fortnight for the benefit of pupils, college students, students, or a wider audience, aim to allow them to discover new horizons and to nourish their reflection. We have documentary films, films that deal with particular themes, after each session, a debate is opened.

  • Adult game library

The creation of a “Games library” within the MDS in 2019 increased the number of subscribers (from 70% to 85%). Every Wednesday and Saturday, a varied audience is passionate about the « Rummikub » games « Afriquizz, the riche of the world … The request of a frustrated public not being able to participate in games and tournaments, for lack of a sufficient number of games, calls for to the strengthening of this fun and educational activity. We are open to any possible corporate donation. A toy library is also available in the youth section.

  • Creative workshops for women

It is a component that allows the Maison Des savoirs to have a female audience, it is to organize income-generating training, conferences on subjects that enhance the value of women, and especially to bring them to attend the library.

As an organized activity we have

  • The transformation of cassava into pastry flour, 15 women participated in this workshop
  • The transformation of cassava into yogurt 35 women participated in the workshop

This workshop takes place once a month.